Our audience is growing with digital age

January 22, 2014 

There are many things that are changing about the newspaper industry. Some are challenging. Others are exciting. One we’re particularly proud of is our growing digital presence, both in terms of online and with social media.

Our weekly print cycle is limiting in many ways, not the least of which is timeliness. When news breaks, many news agencies have the ability to have a full report ready for the evening broadcast or the next day’s paper. Unfortunately, we have to wait until the following Wednesday to have our communities’ stories appear in print, and sometimes that’s not the most efficient use of our time.

Websites help solve that problem, and we’ve taken steps the past several years to update our news-gathering techniques to post news when we get it. You’ll notice we update www.gateline.com on a near daily basis. That’s where our reporters file short summaries of events of any given day.

Looking for more than just a score from Friday night’s basketball game? Did the Gig Harbor City Council or the Peninsula School District make any decisions at their most recent meetings? Outside of being at those events in person, the quickest way to find the answer is to visit gateline.com.

More often than not, you’ll be able to follow up-to-the-minute discussion on certain events even more easily through Twitter. We’re actively pushing our news team to engage with readers, to use the platform to update progress of a live event, or to share a link to their work online. That all occurs before Wednesday’s paper hits driveways, or it happens in tandem to share our work with those who prefer to receive it digitally.

A few examples of events you might have missed last week, if you aren’t following us on Twitter:

 • Reporter Karen Miller (@gateway_karen) attended three events throughout the week from which she sent live Tweets. She detailed the Gig Harbor City Council’s appointment of Rahna Lovrovich on Jan. 13 to the vacant seat left when Jill Guernsey became mayor. In fact, she was able to correct information via Twitter so we had Lovrovich’s name spelled correctly in print.

 • Miller also posted live Tweets from last Thursday’s special Peninsula School District meeting, where the board of directors presented five different funding models it could potentially put before voters.

 • On Friday morning, Miller was at the joint session of the Pierce County Council and Kitsap County Commissioners, and she posted live updates that led to the appointment of Jesse Young, R-Gig Harbor. Young now holds Sen. Jan Angel’s seat in the House, which was vacated in November when she was elected to the Senate.

 • If local sports holds more of your interest, reporter Jon Manley (@gateway_jon) also posted live information from three events last week. He tweeted from the Peninsula High School boys basketball game against Enumclaw on Jan. 14, as well as the Peninsula-Bonney Lake wrestling match the following night and the Gig Harbor-Olympia boys basketball game on Friday.

You’ll find full stories on all six examples in today’s paper. And in many cases, you would have been able to find a small story and several photos from each event even earlier on gateline.com. Each online story page welcomes users to engage in civil discussion. You’ll just need a registered Facebook account in order to leave comments, and we’ve made that switch in recent months to discourage users from posting behind anonymous screen names.

This evolving multimedia model is something we look forward to developing as our readers continue to provide us feedback on what they’d like to see. So visit our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/peninsulagateway, or follow our news team on Twitter, including photographer Lee Giles III (@gateway_lee) and Editor and Publisher Brian McLean (@gateway_brian).

We’ll let you know what’s going on in Gig Harbor, and then we’ll explain it in more detail in print.

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