Local authors presented a variety of genres this past year

January 22, 2014 

Read any good books lately? Perhaps a Christmas or birthday gift, or the eye-catcher at the library or bookstore or on a friend’s coffee table?

If you haven’t read one recently, perhaps you’ll consider some work by local authors, who seem to be popping out of the woodwork these past couple of years. A few are longtime writers, but some are promoting their first published work, and, of course, working on their next one.

There’s quite a variety published last year by authors from Gig Harbor and Key Peninsula:


“Morgan’s Quest” by Kathy Lasher tells a fast-paced story of a young woman who loses her memory in an accident and is plagued by fear as she works to rediscover who she is.

Karen Lovett’s second novel, “Rise With the Eagle,” is set on the Key Peninsula and includes some local Native American culture and fictionalized incidents.

Another book set on the Key Peninsula is Ted Olinger’s “The Woodpecker Menace,” which includes a variety of stories (some based on actual characters and incidents), running from humor to supernatural.

“The Turn-Around Bird” by Lucinda Wingard involves time travel and African culture of a previous century.

Jan Walker’s third novel, “The Whiskey Creek Water Company,” set on the Kitsap Peninsula in 1930s, includes some characters based partly on her own family members.

“Midway in History” by Leann O’Neill is a children’s book adults can enjoy, with the Midway schoolhouse telling the tale of its own history.


“Angels In My Foxhole,” Richard Dixon’s third book, reads like fiction, and for those who’ve read “Dillon’s War,” some actual incidents that can be identified found a place in the novel.


Donald Tjossem published two books last year, both pictorial histories from Arcadia Publishing Company’s Images of America series. “Gig Harbor” was his first and includes some previously unpublished photos. “Bainbridge Island” covers a place close enough to be familiar to many of us in this area.

Dennis Trittin, author of “What I Wish I knew at 18,” co-authored “Parenting for the Launch: Raising Teens to Succeed in the Real World” with Arlyn Lawrence as the next step in raising teens.

“Hello Music” by Mary Alice Salciccia presents her unique method of teaching music that can be learned without the use of an instrument.

“Listen and Lead — The Micro Skills of a Leader” by Richard Himmer offers tactics for immediate application for those who are or would be leaders.

Loren Finley’s book, “From Milk to Meat,” is about his spiritual transformation. A workbook for small groups and Bible studies also is available.

Nathan French, “It’s Not Meant to be a Secret” encourages people to listen to God’s voice. Included are stories of miracles and healings from French’s perspective as a pastor.

“Oppositional Defiance Disorder: A Mother’s Survival” by Zenia Marsden tells the story of a mother and son who dealt with difficulty and met eventual success.


Luciann Nadeau, owner of the Olde Glencove Hotel, teamed up with musicians Dave Thomas of The Shy Boys and Jennifer Lind of The Variety Pack to write and record a song and to create both a DVD and a coloring book for children 7 and younger. “You Can Dream” will be released soon.

No, I haven’t read all of them, and these aren’t all of the books that local authors published this past year.

What will 2014 bring? If you read them, do a quick review on Facebook, amazon.com, the author’s website or whatever services you use.

We local authors appreciate your honest reactions.

Out Our Way columnist Colleen Slater can be reached by email at cas4936@ centurytel.net.

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