Even when we change, we still bring you exclusive news

January 8, 2014 

I’m a creature of habit, which sometimes is a good thing. Other times, not so much. One of those times is change.

When you’re used to doing certain things at certain times, and then something throws a wrinkle in all those plans, you typically can go one of two ways: You can either thrive in the chaos or despise it.

I’m a planner, so chaos bothers me. Yet there’s something oddly calming when the thing that remains constant is change. I’ve seen plenty of it in the past 10 years.

The Gateway is a much smaller organization than it was when I came on board in June 2003. I was a kid just out of college with a little bit more experience than the average student, and I joined a staff that included three news reporters, a photographer, two page designers, three advertising representatives and its own ad design team. We had front-office support staff that included a receptionist and two advertising assistants. We even had our own press, and a crew to run it.

Our building on Erickson Street remains the same, but only a few of those faces remain. Others, including those in managerial positions, have gone elsewhere, and many of their job duties have been assigned to new hybrid titles.

What you see now is a more streamlined operation.

Karen Miller, our lone news reporter, covers everything from city, county and state government to education, with some business and feature work in between.

Lee Giles III, our staff photographer, shoots images for the Gateway as well as the Puyallup Herald. He doubles as our police and fire reporter.

Jon Manley, our sports reporter, initially came on board last summer to cover news. But now he’s learning on the job about all the sports offered at Gig Harbor and Peninsula high schools, and he’s working in community features as well.

We still have three hard-working advertising representatives who help people get their message to our readers in any one of our multiple formats.

But our ad design team is now part of a centrally located group in Tacoma, and, through consolidation, we found better operational success when we sold our press and had our print product run at The News Tribune.

Through all this change, one thing has remained: Your community newspaper.

We have dedicated professionals who work to compile the news of the day, and we’re mastering techniques to get information to readers faster through gateline.com, our Facebook page and Twitter feeds.

And we’re using an occasional story from our news partners when it affects our area, primarily so we don’t duplicate the work. After all, we thrive in an environment where we provide exclusive looks at the people, places and events in Gig Harbor or on the Key Peninsula.

That’s something that won’t change any time soon.

Editor and Publisher Brian McLean can be reached at 253-358-4150 or by email at brian.mclean@gateline.com. Follow him on Twitter, @gateway_brian.

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