Tacoma Screw Products purchases Gig Harbor Athletic Club

Business: PenMet Parks signs one-year renewable lease to keep indoor soccer center open

of the GatewayJanuary 1, 2014 

Tacoma Screw Products, Inc., recently acquired the Gig Harbor Athletic Club. The company has agreed to a one-year renewable lease with PenMet Parks to allow the parks district to continue to operate the indoor soccer league.


Tacoma Screw Products, Inc., purchased the Gig Harbor Athletic Club last month, but the indoor soccer center will remain open.

The facility had been for sale for a number of years. The transaction took place Dec. 5.

Terry Lee, executive director of the Peninsula Metropolitan Parks District, said PenMet Parks has entered into a renewable one-year lease agreement with Tacoma Screw Products to operate the indoor soccer center.

“We had our phone ringing off the hook to save the indoor soccer center, when they learned it was going to be sold,” Lee said of people from the community. “They assumed the soccer center would be closed down.”

The parks district will be responsible for the operating costs of the center.

The future plans for the site are a bit unclear. John Wolfe, an executive adviser for Tacoma Screw Products, Inc., said it likely will remain untouched for at least two years.

“There’s a lot of uncertainty in terms of the timing,” Wolfe said. “I wouldn’t anticipate in the next two years that it would be interrupted. Beyond that, it’s more difficult to predict.

“We would hope, as we approach a time when we know specifically when development would occur, we’d try to work out something with park district, and any facilities that could be relocated would be.”

Tacoma Screw Products, Inc., which operates out of its Center Street location in Tacoma, acquired the property as a potential new headquarters and order-fulfillment center based on the company’s projected growth.

“It could be several years out, and probably is,” Wolfe said. “In anticipating that need, we were looking for a piece of land, one large enough to eventually accommodate an 80,000-square-foot building.”

Tacoma Screw Products, Inc., likely will demolish or dismantle its current facilities in favor of constructing a new one. In the mean time, Wolfe said there’s no harm in helping the community.

“We felt like it was a win-win,” he said. “It’s a win for us and a win for the park district and their programs.”

When Tacoma Screw Products, Inc., begins to utilize the property, PenMet Parks may look to relocate the indoor soccer center, Lee said. The former Peninsula Gardens location on Wollochet Drive NW is a potential landing spot, he said.

Registration for the winter indoor soccer season is underway. It started Dec. 16. The age groups range from 5 and younger through adult, plus co-ed and an adult’s men’s league. Registration will close Jan. 6.

The season lasts eight weeks, and there will be one game per week, PenMet Parks Recreation Specialist Sarah Polacek said. The cost for youth is $65 per player. For adults, the cost is $650 per team.

Polacek said PenMet Parks accepts teams or free agents who are looking to join a team. Games will begin the week of Jan. 20.

Registration for the spring session will open Feb. 3 and run until March 6.

Wolfe said he’s happy with the way the deal worked out for both parties.

“We’re really pleased that it’s working out for both us and park district and community, and we’ll continue to look for opportunities to make that work in the future,” he said.

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