Young would help Legislature with the ‘modern era’

MontesanoDecember 11, 2013 

Jesse Young would be the best choice as the next state representative from the 26th Legislative District.

As a military veteran who ran for the 24th District representative position in 2008, I know a bit about how difficult the job is. I’ve known Young for a few years and am more impressed with him than other candidates I’ve met.

Young is a consensus-builder who is articulate, smart and tireless. But beyond that, he has some of the technical knowledge and abilities that most politicians are missing. He is a gifted financial expert with critical information-technology skills.

Too often, politicians make decisions based on urban legends or lobbyist influence. Young will help keep the Legislature honest.

As a Navy supply corps officer, I’ve been separately trained in executive-level government contracting and budgeting, and I can attest that Young is the type individual who can improve government contracting for services and material, reducing price while increasing competition and quality. He’s detail-oriented and very devoted to smart environmental protection that works with communities, not against them.

With him in a policy and leadership role, Washington state can better adapt to the modern era.

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