Owner of septic company comes in to save the day

Gig HarborDecember 11, 2013 

It is hard to experience misfortunes, especially at this time of year. My tale of woe was unexpectedly graced by the kindness of Jerry Hemley, owner of Hemley’s Septic Systems.

Real estate brokers recently botched the sale of my home, telling me I needed a new septic system to please a potential buyer. I paid dearly for a septic design I did not need and a septic installer who dug four huge holes on my property.

In the process, he mangled and cut through tree roots and then left the holes open so the roots were exposed during recent freezing temperatures.

When that installer submitted an inflated bid, the buyers rescinded their offer. I was left with no sale, a considerable cash outlay, land that was defaced and trees that were compromised. When I contacted the installer, he said he would fill the holes for another $350.

I contacted Hemley’s, and Jerry Hemley showed up the same day after his regular work day and in the freezing temperatures.

It took him about two hours. He rambled around in a small backhoe in the dark, and he accomplished two things: First, he gave my trees a chance to live. Second, he restored my shattered faith in people.

I have dealt with numerous incompetent, dishonest, uncooperative and greedy people during this process. Jerry Hemley saw that I was in trouble, and he helped me.

We could all stand to be a little bit more like Jerry Hemley all year long.

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