Gig Harbor craves variety with new restaurants

Gig HarborDecember 4, 2013 

The voice of the people I have been hearing for the past seven years I’ve lived in Gig Harbor is of the desire to have variety in new restaurants. They crave different and change, not all the same. How many ways can one make burgers?

I will support the small mom-and-pop downtown Gourmet Burger any day. They are great and will do things your way, and that means a lot to customers.

The Blazing Onion at Uptown should have covered burger businesses, as there was already a McDonalds and Dairy Queen. I think opening two more recently was way over the top and quite ridiculous, as well as very bad planning. Who thinks up this stuff?

The number of new burger places opening if overkill and mean competition. And it’s not what people are looking for. How about anything different, such as a Red Lobster, an Olive Garden, Cracker Barrel or Taco Bell?

Trader Joe’s would do a tremendous amount business in Gig Harbor, and that was just another bitter disappointment to the community to realize the business has no intention to open one here.

I do believe I speak for a large number of people in Gig Harbor, and I’m sharing their disappointment with many!

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