Appointee to Jan Angel’s House seat should have experience

BremertonDecember 4, 2013 

We need to look for someone of integrity, intelligence, character and supportive of the party platform when we think of a Republican to be selected into Jan Angel’s soon-to-be vacant state House seat.

The candidate must have passed the vetting and previously run for office. The selectee must understand their selection is one which is temporary.

The seasoned candidate must have some idea of what it takes to defend their temporary position and has previously developed a campaign and strategy. I don’t believe a neophyte should be the selection.

Jesse Young has the qualities of character and political-campaign seasoning necessary to be selected for the position. He understood education would provide opportunities for a better life. He worked hard and graduated from high school as a valedictorian in 1995. He was named Washington State Scholar by the state Legislature.

Young is fiscally conservative, has high moral standards, knows this area and the need for jobs and rebuilding the economy.

Young is an information technology consultant with global business experience. His business savvy would be an asset to the 26th Legislative District and his legislative position.

Young’s selection would enhance both his district and the state’s Legislature.

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