Jewelry store hiding gifts for lucky holiday sleuths

Business: Ken Walker Jewelers will run annual ‘Finders Keepers’ event

of the GatewayNovember 27, 2013 

Ken Walker Jewelers is starting its Finders Keepers event with boxes of jewelry hidden around Gig Harbor, awaiting to be discovered by a lucky person.


From Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve, gift-wrapped boxes will be left around Gig Harbor, waiting for a lucky finder.

The annual Finders Keepers event by Ken Walker Jewelers is running again. Store employees leave boxes around town that contain bracelets, money clips and more. Gifts can range from $50 to $300, manager Stacy Friant said.

Clues for the lucky sleuth to find boxes will be posted on the Ken Walker Facebook page. The boxes will be hidden every day from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve, except on Sundays, when the jewelry store is closed.

“Whoever happens across it is welcome to pick it up, and it’s theirs,” Friant said.

In the past, Friant said she’s waited in her car and seen people walk by the box, thinking it doesn’t belong to them. When people do find the box with the poem stating it’s a “finders keepers” box, Friant said the finder gets very excited.

The event started with the drop of the economy. It is geared toward goodwill rather than promotion, Friant said.

In the past, gifts have been hidden everywhere from an ice cream freezer at QFC to the top of a gas pump.

“It could be anywhere,” Friant said.

Friant hopes to bring business to Harbor Plaza, where the store is located. Ken Walker Jewelers is located at 4912 Point Fosdick Drive.

For someone who’s not having the best day around the holidays, the tiny green package can be a big turnaround, Friant said.

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