Cheers & Jeers

Gateway readersOctober 23, 2013 

CHEERS to Dr. Carla Rasmussen and her staff at Harbor Animal Hospital. They have provided excellent and loving care to my lab, Taylor, during the past 13 years. What a blessing they are to this community.

JEERS to people who beeped their horns at other drivers when they’re stopped at intersections, presumably to express displeasure over bumper stickers. Even if we don’t agree on politics, we should still be cordial neighbors in our city.

CHEERS to 1,507 Gig Harbor residents who signed the petition for no zoning changes anywhere on Harborview Drive. CHEERS to residents and non-residents who spoke during the public comment period during the Oct. 14 city council meeting.

CHEERS to Jennifer Kester, planning director at the City of Gig Harbor, whose presentation Oct. 14 explained the city’s proposed height and setback zoning amendments relative to what is currently allowed in simple, clear and understandable terms.

CHEERS to the Market Street Grill on North Harborview Drive. It has the best fish and chips we have ever had.

CHEERS to the patrons of a popular Gig Harbor restaurant who are spearheading a fundraiser to help longtime employees get by for a couple months until new management gets them back on payroll. It’s nice to have some folks with values in our community.

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