Peninsula falls to Enumclaw in five games

of the GatewayOctober 18, 2013 

Senior Kelly Anderson serves the ball in the Seahawks' match against the Enumclaw Hornets on Thursday night.

JON MANLEY — Gateway Photo

The Seahawks jumped ahead of the visiting Enumclaw Hornets two games to none and appeared to be on their way to a match victory before dropping three straight games to their opponent. Junior Georgiana Harrison, who led the team with 12 kills and 16 digs, said the Hornets simply figured them out.

“They figured out our strategies, what our lineup was like, what we were doing, and who hit where,” Harrison said. “So they used that to their advantage.”

Seahawks senior Kelly Anderson, who finished with eight kills and 15 digs, said the team suffered a mental letdown.

“I think our focus slipped a little bit,” Anderson said. “I think we got in our own heads. We just needed to fight harder.”

The Seahawks pulled out close wins in the first two games, but didn't have enough left in the tank to win the match, finishing 25-20, 25-22, 20-25, 13-25, 12-15. Enumclaw's Barbie Becker was impressive in the win, leading the Hornets with 21 kills and powerful striking ability. Head coach Ann Lovrovich said they tried to minimize Becker's impact on the game, but there was only so much they could do.

“We did everything we could to try to stop her,” Lovrovich said. “We blocked her a ton but they would cover, so I guess it didn't really matter. We got in her head; she usually gets a lot more kills I think, but five games is a long time to go and they're pretty deep. Barbie is hard to shut down.”

The Seahawks looked gassed in the later games, leaving Harrison to think improved endurance should be one of the team's main goals going forward.

“We need to improve on our endurance,” Harrison said. “That would really help if we worked out a little bit harder in practice.”

Lovrovich said the team will work on its stamina, and is optimistic about the future.

“We're just improving every game,” she said. “We'll just keep going with what we're going to work on, a little more stamina towards the end. Five games is a long time, and we've been playing five games quite often. We're getting better at it every week, so hopefully when it comes time, we'll be ready.”

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